Guava Jelly Cake Roll
Almond joconde soaked with simple syrup rolled with guava jam and a sweet cream cheese filling, iced with toasted Swiss meringue and decorated with a raspberry & white chocolate details. Our cakes are decorated by hand, designs may differ slightly.
Dulce de Leche Cake Roll
Almond sponge cake rolled with real whipped cream and dulce de leche custard. Coated with dulce de leche and finished with a chocolate drizzle and dark chocolate flakes. Our cakes are decorated by hand, designs may differ slightly.
Bread Pudding 8"
Our bread pudding starts with a white bread mixture soaked with vanilla custard, raisins, and spices which is then baked. Best served cold.
Tres Leches Cake Box
A light & delicate sponge cake soaked with Tres Leches (our house blend of condensed milk, evaporated milk, cream and a touch of brandy) finished with fresh whipped cream. Minimum 4 boxes to preorder.
Caramel Flan 8"
Our homemade flan is a Spanish-style custard topped with caramel sauce.
Crumb Cake 8"
Vanilla sponge cake filled with cinnamon and pecans, topped with sugar glaze.
Rich Central American cake made with cream cheese, sour cream and rice flour. Minimum 6 count to preorder.
Butter Pound Cake
Tasteful alone or with ice cream or a fruit topping such as peaches. Available only in Glendale. Minimum 6 count to advance order.